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 personalized graduation frames     |      2020-03-03

Lucky for us, there are tons of resources on the web to help new moms find answers to questions, save time and moneypersonalized graduation frames, reconnect with the world around us, and have a little bit of fun (dispelling the myth that new moms are not able to have fun).? The only problem is that with the magnitude of sites to sort through, it may seem a bit overwhelming to find ones that are most helpful.? Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite sites, and a little information on them to help you decide if it’s something you might find useful.? Warm up that bookmark manager in your browser, you’re gonna need it!

This is by no means a comprehensive list, just a sampling of some sites we like.? I’m sure you have some other sites you think other moms should know about, so please share them with us. ?Add it below or on our facebook comments … we love hearing from you.

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personalized pillow case baby

Most quilters know what a walking foot is, and they usually own one. It’s a specialty foot that is larger than regular presser feet and it costs more, too, but it is so worth it. Quilters know that this foot is invaluable for stitching a quilt together without any shifting of the layers. But today I’d like to tell you? about 3 reasons to own a walking foot that?have nothing to do with quilting. The BERNINA Walking Foot #50 comes with three interchangeable soles and a right and left guide. I use the walking foot on my B 790 PLUS but it works on all BERNINA models.

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