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 personalized graduation frames     |      2020-01-17

We’;ve shown you how to get the most out of your console in any room, but not what to do with the empty wall space above it. Here are four simple ways to decorate above your console to create a welcome focal point.

The simplest way to create a gallery wall is to hang artwork?in a grid formation, as we did here. The grid looks best when it’s tightly spaced, so hang artwork no more than two to three inches apart from each other. For scale and heightpersonalized graduation frames, we hung a pair of Wood Garden Tools that nicely enhances the overall symmetry of our arrangement. Our eyes are naturally drawn to order, so creating a balanced gallery wall is always a no-fail solution when grouping art pieces together.

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Showcasing a statement piece over a console is always a great option, and kills two decorating birds with one stone. The oversized artwork provides necessary scale. In turn, the console anchors it to the room, so it doesn’t appear to be floating on the wall. Just be sure your art is about 75% of the width of your console to achieve good visual balance between the two.

We have always been suckers for a great timepiece. We love the look of an oversized vintage-style clock over a console, not to mention that it’s both beautiful and functional decorating. An added benefit: the round shape of a clock breaks up the monotony of the straight lines produced by the console and a stack of books. If you don’t have a clock, you can pull off a similar look with a round mirror —; an even better idea for a narrow hallway or dark space.

People have a tendency to hang art too high, so go low and hang a piece of smaller art just above your console. It will read more as part of the tabletop display, adding welcome depth and dimension to your arrangement. Don’t be afraid to lean an even smaller piece —; a framed photo or mirror —; against the hanging artwork for an additional layer.

Learn how to hang wall decor with our thorough How To Guide, or browse more inspiration on our Walls Pinterest board.


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