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 personalized graduation frames     |      2020-03-05

Hi Everyone!

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Well, this is another post on baby sleep sacks since our 7 month old continues to kick restlessly! I had to go for a version that she can ctually wear because my other pull off version wasn’;t cutting it. Rebecca moves and kicks around so much she can produce energy!

So thinking as to how I can made a baby sack without to much work, it finally came to me. I remembered I had an old robe (…;I mean old…;it was already about 15 years old and during my pregnancy, it lost the rest of its 8 lives as my belly stretched my precious robe far beyond its wildest dreams). I really loved that robepersonalized graduation frames, however it really couldn’;t be saved. So I thought, it’;s perfect for a baby sack! It has snaps for easy opening and closing, it’;s wide enough, and its warm (fleece). So I said to myself, “;Self, grab the scissors and let er’; rip!”;

Now, here’;s how I did it…;.

First, use an existing baby top as a template. You only need a template for the bodice.

Next, just eyeball and cut along your template. When you reach a bit below the waist, make wide flared cuts so that your little one has room to wiggle.

As far as the length goes, just decide how long you would like the sack to be and cut 1\2 inch below the snap.

The last thing you have to do is sew up the arm holes a bit because adult arm holes are obviously larger. And then sew the bottom closed. (To sew it closed, invert the robe first so that your seam doesn’;t show). Perfetto!

Rebecca now stays warm and has room to’;s doing its job beautifully!

Until next time, happy baby sack making!

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