personalized graduation frames DIY Tray customized gifts for mom

 personalized graduation frames     |      2020-03-09

This would be a great gift for a new mom. You could include a mug, a box of tea, a book, and a small journal and pen. This particular tray however, is going to make it’;s home on my kitchen island ensuring that the giant pile of mail doesn’;t slide off of the counter into the 2 day old glob of pureed carrots on the floor.

This is a quick project and its totally customizable! Have fun!

pillowcase baby

DIY after the jump…;What you need:unfinished wooden tray (Michael’;s $3.99)Wood friendly paintdecorative paper (this was from Paper Source, they have lots of beauties.)Mod Podgepaintbrushx-actopersonalized graduation frames, cutting mat &; ruler

1. Paint your wooden tray your desired color, you can leave the inside (and the bottom, if you wish) unpainted. You will likely need 2 coats. Let dry.

2. Measure the inside of your tray. I did this by laying my decorative paper in the tray and pressing the paper into the opposite corner with my fingernail to make a crease. Very technical stuff.

3. Trim paper to size. As you can see here, my paper wasn’;t quite wide enough so I used the piece that I trimmed from the bottom and added it to the width. It was still 1/4″; shy which is why I also added the 2 strips of lime paper.

4. Remove paper from tray and apply a coat of Mod Podge to the inside bottom of your tray. Make sure that the surface is entirely &; evenly covered and work quickly.

5. Starting from one side, lay your paper in the tray, pressing and smoothing as you go.

6. Apply a second layer of Mod Podge over the paper.

7. You can stop here or you can add some fun elements. A cut out initial, photos, more pretty paper, or even fabric scraps! Just a note, most home printers have water soluble ink that will run, please test images first. Anything professionally printed, magazines etc. should be fine.

8. When you’;re finished apply a final layer (or two) of Mod Podge to seal.

9. You may still have a few air bubbles, you can try to smooth these out but don’;t worry, when it dries you will hardly notice them, especially if your paper has a pattern.

I had so much fun making this that I immediately bought more trays for other rooms. A nursing station for Quinn’;s room, A book tray for Clare’;s ottomen, and just something pretty for entertaining! If you would rather purchase a tray, I am partial to thesecustom beauties. Aren’;t they gorgeous? I’;ll have more trays to show you next week because seriously, I’;m hooked on this fun project. If you make one too, send us pics!

While I’m away attending and speaking at the BlogHer Conference (who’s idea was that anyway?) I’ve got an amazing team of bloggers who are willing to hold down the fort! Today’s Post: DIY Beach Inspired Hurricane Candle Holder from Cupcakes and Crinoline. These would go great with my Nautical Beach inspired candles I did a couple of years ago or with the Anchor applique pillows. These burlap and doily?luminaries are great too! So thrilled to have her back! She shared her grilled peaches recipe?the?last time! Enjoy!

This is a request from my daughter.? All of her friends have snuggies and she felt left out.? I couldn’t just let her have any old snuggie? and thus this monster was born.? Not only can coins and power-ups be put in the question boxes, there are also two built in pockets.? One for your favorite Mario characters and power-ups and the other sized for your Nintendo 3DS.? All the pipes are open on the top for character placement and three music boxes at the beginning of each level to play the corresponding music.? This quilt was done entirely by hand as my poor sewing machine finally met its end on my Monster Beanbag project.? The design was based on Super Mario 3 levels 1-1, the first Fortress and 3-5.This quilt isn't quite ready yet, but I wanted to get it submitted in time for the contest.? I hope to have it completely finish for the end of the quilting contest.

This holiday season, share a photo of a wrapped gift you’re giving someone, and we’ll make a donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.