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Just in time for Halloween, I’;m here to help you out with a tutorial for super quick and easy DIY Trick or Treat Tote Bags. I’;ve also included some free Halloween SVG files for you to download as well!?

burlap throw pillow covers

This post is sponsored and contains affiliate links. I work as a Brand Ambassador for Cricut and am thrilled to be working with such a fantastic company.

My kids are older now, but we have not stopped celebrating Halloween around here. Since my teenagers aren’;t too keen on me making trick or treat bags for them I thought it might be fun to make a few to ship off to my nieces and nephews to use this year.

I was able?to quickly whip up a bunch of trick or treat totes using my Cricut Maker.? When I was making the bags, I used a variety of materials to give you guys LOTS of ideas for designing?your own bags.

Four of the of the files are free SVG’;s that I designed especially for you for this project and one of the designs is available in the Cricut Design Space (and it’;s a CUTE one, you should see all the other?cut files in that collection—; they are all ??). I used a couple?of them to make these Halloween t-shirts last year.

Today I’;m going to show you how to DIY trick or treat bags, but you can also use the Halloween SVG files for t-shirts, mugspersonalized graduation frames, and pillows!

All of the bags were made using my Cricut Maker and my Cricut EasyPress.? I’;ve mentioned before that I’;m a brand ambassador for them. I’;ve been an ambassador for well over a year and keep saying “;yes”; when they ask me to work with them because I love the projects so much.

Next, to my sewing machine, my Cricut Maker is the MOST used tool in my craft and sewing room.

We use it to make t-shirts for the kids for school, teacher gifts, and things for church activities. We are also getting ready to use it to make a bunch of simple Halloween costumes for an upcoming trip.

There are 5 different bags, each uses different materials. I’;ll mention on each bag which materials I used. This is the master supply list for all of the tote bags. You don’;t need all of the supplies for ALL of the bags.

Cricut Maker Machine

Cricut EasyPress &; EasyPress Mat (I used the 9×;9) size, the larger size would be awesome for a project like this.

Canvas Tote Bags

Cricut Everyday Iron-On in Black

Cricut Foil Iron-On in Red

Iron-On Protective Sheet (so you can layer multiple colors of Iron-On)

Cricut Glitter Iron-On in Black

Cricut Holographic Sparke Iron-On in Silver

Free Cricut SVG files- download on the Cricut Downloads Page

Cricut Tools –; used for weeding the vinyl

Cricut “;Broom Hair, Don’;t Care”; Cartridge in Design Space

12×;12 Piece of Black Fabric

12×;12 Piece of Paper Backed Fusible Web

Download the SVG file (linked above) and load it into Cricut Design Space. Resize as you’;d like. On the tools panel on the right hide the words, so that only the skull is showing.

Iron a piece of the heavy paper-backed fusible web onto the wrong side of your fabric.? Wait for it to cool, then remove the paper backing.

Place the fabric, fabric side down on the pink fabric cutting mat.

Install the rotary blade in your Cricut Maker Machine.

In Design Space, click MAKE it. Then select from the materials list “;cotton bonded”;. Next change the blade to the rotary blade (it will default to the fine point blade, but I think the rotary blade is better for this project).

Load your mat into the machine and follow the prompts to cut out your image.

After it’;s cut out, set it aside.

Back in Design Space, hide the skull and crossbones, then un-hide the words.

Click “;attach”; so they cut all at the same time in the same place. Load Gold Everyday Iron-On onto your green Cricut mat.

Send the cut to the machine. Change the blade back to the fine point blade. Make sure you click the Mirror prompt since you’;re cutting out iron on.

Remove the excess iron-on from your cut out image. I love to use my Cricut tools and BrightPad for this step.

Position the images on the tote bag.

First using your EasyPress attach the skull and crossbones. I just used 300 degrees for 30 seconds and it worked great!

Next, place your letters in the right spot and adhere them with the EasyPress. Check the settings for the exact vinyl that you are using. You can find a chart on

This tote bag is made using two different types of vinyl. You’;ll need to cut each of them out separately.

Grab the Boo Crew Image from Cricut Design space. Insert it into your project.

Cut out the ghost separate from the words by hiding parts of the image as we did with the “;Spooky”; tote bag above.

The Everyday Iron-On and Holographic Iron-On have different cut settings, so you’;ll want to make sure you don’;t try to cut them both at the same time.

After you’;ve cut out your images, peel away the excess vinyl and “;test”; fit them on your tote bag.

First, apply the ghost image using the EasyPress.

Next, place the “;Boo Crew”; words in the correct spot on the bag. Then lay the protective sheet over the entire image. If you don’;t use the protective sheet the ghost you just adhered will melt onto your EasyPress.

The Trick or Treat Bag is made using the same method.

For this bag, you’;ll want to use Red Foil Iron-on and Black Everyday Iron-On.

I’;ve also created 2 additional Halloween SVG files for you! One of them is the “;You say Witch Like its a Bad Thing”; featured in our T-Shirt project last week. Here you can see it on a tote bag.

…;. and I couldn’;t let Halloween go buy without a Wizard inspired SVG file.? You can get this “;Accio Candy”; SVG file on the downloads page as well.

You can see I took a bit of “;artistic”; license with the image ??

If you’;re still looking for a Halloween Craft “;fix”; after reading this, here are a few other fun Cricut Halloween Projects on the site!

Cricut EasyPress2 Review

Bunny Purse Pattern for the Cricut Maker

Quick and Easy DIY Cat Halloween Costume

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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