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 personalized graduation frames     |      2020-01-19

When designing a room, every designer and homeowner knows there are many layers. Of course there are the walls, floors, and windows. Then you have your large furniture pieces, and your lighting, and your rugs. You also have accessories and soft goods. And then finally you have your art pieces. All of these layers play a very important role in?turning a room into a space you love.?Oftentimes though, the art?is one of the last pieces brought?into the?roompersonalized graduation frames, and we actually find it can be the most transformative layer of them all!

We’;ve seen this time and time again in the rooms we put together for our catalog. That final flourish, the wall art, takes a space that’;s pretty to a soaring new level!?So, we thought we’;d show you some spaces from our newest upcoming?catalog, and how they transformed once we hung art in them.

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In the space above you probably see a perfectly lovely room. The colors are restful, the patterns work together beautifully, the lighting is dramatic. There’;s personality to the space.

But once we add a painting over the fireplace, the room really comes alive. Everything blends together so much better, and the space just feels much more impactful, don’;t you think?

Similarly, in this butler’;s pantry, you have a beautiful space. It feels open, airy, and functional. But let’;s see it after we add a piece of art over the buffet.

With a dramatic art piece, the whole space feels so much homier! It takes the room?from something that works, to somewhere you want to spend time.

Finally, we’;re sharing this blue bedroom. There’;s plenty of color and personality to boot! Nothing feels like it’;s missing, but wait until we add a diptych over the bed!

Two simple art pieces give a finished look to the space. While the room was perfectly lovely without the art, these two pieces really take the whole bedroom to the next level. It feels so much warmer and more welcoming!

Art is a must for every single room in your home. Things just don’;t feel finished until you have art and wall decor to tie everything together. Whether it’;s a piece you bring in as that final flourish, or it’;s a cherished piece you build an entire room around, we hope you’;ll take extra care in working artwork into your spaces. It’;s one of our decorating essentials, so we hope you’;ll make it one of yours too!

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