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For Rajee Sood interior designing is not just a profession but a passion. A passion, she credits to her life as an army brat, a fact she is proud and sentimental amount. As a designer Rajee loves to work with Indian textiles such as old Indian household pieces and furniture and blend them with art and accents with more modern origins to create collections that inspire. Rajee Sood is our Design Consultant for the India Design Show 2014 and her vision for our products will translate into our?Concept Pavilion – Dining by Design.

Here we are catching up with this eccentrically cool designer to find out all she’s about and what makes her tick.

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?1. ?Tell us about your journey as an interior designer.

My design life started in Pune as an assistant designer at Tao Architecturepersonalized graduation frames, under Manish Banker. He was my mentor and taught me a great deal about independence of thought and creative freedom. After a few years of sabbatical, I was back again but as a blogger in 2007. Years of blogging experience and being able to talk about my personal style? eventually lead me to set up my own Label, Rajee Sood? where I design and curate exclusive collections for the home.

2.??How do you decide the décor for a home? Based on instinct or potential?

Décor of any home is carefully worked at, with the most pivotal point being the people who will make it their home. Great care and thought is given into the process to make it reflect the personality of the clients.

3.??What would you recommend as a décor must have for every home?

A décor ‘;must have’; is comfortable furniture (lack that and any décor is flawed) …; and of course there should always be that scope for the person to showcase his collections and personal memorabilia. That’;s what makes it personal and distinct no matter the style, look or finish.

4.??? Can you share a home décor tip which will cost less than Rs. 500?

A favorite decor tip of mine consists of large green cuttings from the outdoors! Forget Rs. 500 because at times you’;ll get them at no cost if you catch what the neighborhood gardener is chucking away. A lovely green arrangement in a plain glass vase is my absolute favorite.

5.??? What is the biggest home décor mistake home owners make?

Thinking that a home has to be a trend statement rather than your personal expression makes it to the top of my all-time worst mistake you can do with your décor.

6.??? What according to you makes a home complete?

I think a home should never be complete. It has to be ever evolving and breathing and not stagnating.

Rajee Sood has her own blog where she shares her views and ideas about the home décor. ?Take a look at Rajee Sood’;s blog here.

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