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 personalized graduation frames     |      2019-12-02

Just as bright and whacky neon has hit the fashion catwalk this summer, gone too are the days of safe and subtle cream and coffee interiors. In stark contrast, we have reverted to bold, bright and abstract colours and patterns inspired by the retro sixties and seventies and eastern design.

However refreshing this new daring colour pallet of reds, yellows, purples and greens ispersonalized graduation frames, it can also be difficult to apply in a stylish and sympathetic way while maintaining the feeling of light and space. A quick and effective way to inject some colour in to a room without darkening the space is through soft furnishings and curtains. By keeping walls neutral and adding bright and daring curtains enables you to introduce a pattern and colour pallet that can then be used to bring a design scheme to the rest of the room. This article takes you through some effective ways to do this.

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The simplest situation to be in when looking to change your colour scheme is to have an empty room in need of a complete design solution. Shop around to find curtains in a chosen fabric and pattern to your taste. Dependant on your choice, this will greatly effect your subsequent decisions on paint, upholstery, accessories and carpet. To maintain the impact and wow factor of the curtains, it is advised to keep the window wall plain and relatively neutral to act as a contrast to the fabric.

Furthermore, this tone should then be used to break up the use of colour and pattern elsewhere within the room. For example, if you were to choose green and purple striped curtains, keep the wall a pale ivory tone and then use green, purple and ivory scatter cushions on adjacent couches or beds. This simple addition to your colour scheme will maintain the feeling of depth, elegance and sophistication.

If, however, you have already set up your room and are simply looking to update the colour scheme, your choices have to be a lot more considered. If there is already a pattern within the room, it is generally advised to choose a plain curtain in a coordinating bright colour or a more subtle pattern.

This should ensure that your curtain choice will coordinate with your existing design while also offering an injection of colour. To ensure a sense of cohesiveness, it is also important to use this new colour (or colours) elsewhere in the room to create a sense of symmetry and bring the design together. If possible, why not have scatter cushions made in the same fabric or alternatively buy a selection of plain cushions in each of the curtains’ colours?

Alongside this, why not consider updating your lampshades, vases, bedding or table runner to again repeat the colours? Or, dependant on the size of your room, why not make a real statement and add a feature wall in a coordinating wallpaper or paint on the adjacent wall to the window?


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