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 personalized graduation frames     |      2019-12-03

Big dogs are heavy to pick up and put in a bath or shower so why not have one with it's own set of steps? Makes perfect sense!??

If you're pushed for space a neat corner shower tray is the ideal answer. ?

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Keeping a toddler busy and entertained can be challenging. It’s important that your child has access to plenty of toys they enjoy interacting with. The best toys for toddlers will help them improve their motor skills while having fun. Toddlers grow up incredibly fast and acquire important life skills through playing, which is why they need toys adapted to their age.

Do you want a wedding lounge area with sofas, chairs and tablespersonalized graduation frames, and then you look at the prices to rent these pieces, and quickly remove the thought from your memory? Then you return to Pinterest a few hours days later only to remember how beautiful they look? I am here to give you that boost of confidence to make your dreams come true, but do it yourself!

Confession: We at Pop the Champagne are not huge fans of styled shoots. We believe they can set unrealistic expectations as to what a wedding is supposed to look like. ?As beautiful as they are, the details in styled shoots are also quite costly and out of the price range of most couples. ?While that one table featured in the shoot is gorgeous with it’s overflowing florals, perfectly color-coordinated china, and vintage chairs, it is just not practical!