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 personalized graduation frames     |      2020-04-27

Much like the smooth stones you find on the shore, our Trinity Organic Matelasse Blanket captures extra soft textural depth. The smooth squares are sewn with layers of pure organic cotton making it mid-weight and super cozy.

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Woven from French flax, organically grown and processed using water-saving traditional methods. Our classic?Organic Linen Chambray takes us to the shoreline on a warm sunny day. The smooth texture you find while running your hands through the wild grass as you walk to the sand. More absorbent and breathable than cotton. This magical fiber keeps you cooler and drier on warm nights and warmer when the nights turn cold. Becoming softer with every washpersonalized graduation frames, our linen is meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

The softly woven dobby stripes found in our Rippled Stripe Organic Duvet mimic wind-rippled sand on the coast. A relaxed duvet made with soft organic cotton that matches the calm shores of the sea.

Our Mojave Linen Blanket fills your room with the calm tranquility and warm hues that a coastal sunset captures. The yarn-dyed stripes move between cool, warm, and neutral colors, with gray warp fibers. Inspired by a vintage Peruvian blanket and made with 100% linen.

The natural geometric characteristics you find in honeycomb influenced our lovely Crystal Cove Duvet. The leading inspiration behind it all, Crystal Cove is as sweet as honey and comfortable too. Lightweight and breathable using a blend of organic cotton and linen.

The bold weave and distinctive textural stripes in our Amador Organic Pillow give off the same excitement you enjoy when you find that one seashell you’ve been searching for on the sand. Featuring 100% organic cotton canvas and woven dobby patterning. The perfect addition to your couch or bed.

The housing industry is big business in the UK, with 19% of households in the UK privately rented. We recently surveyed the UK to find out exactly what it is that puts prospective tenants off signing on the dotted line for a new home - and found some surprising results! Here are our top tips on how to refresh and present your property in the best way, so that you can impress potential renters.

One of my kitchen cupboards does not stay closed. I spent a year closing the cabinet, leaving the kitchen and sitting down in the dining room only to hear it squeak open before I finally did something about it and put a piece of tape on the front of it. It’s a little annoying to have to peel back the tape to open the cupboard but believe me, it’s way less irritating than the squeaking sound I dealt with before.

Sewing on a button is very simple once you know how to do it! I'll teach you how to sew on both shank and flat buttons so you're covered anytime one falls off. :)