personalized graduation frames Ten Cheap Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home funny cushion covers

 personalized graduation frames     |      2019-12-04

Despite the fact that it depreciates in value every single day from the second you buy it until the day it needs towing, guzzles money faster than it guzzles petrol and has a habit of breaking down in the most remote and rain soaked parts of the countryside, your sports car is, according to at least one poll I’ve come across, is officially your number one prized possession. When I first came across this information it immediately made me think of that saying “treat them mean to keep them keen” because really, what does your car do to show it loves you back?

Exactly- nothing. Your house on the other handpersonalized graduation frames, shelters you, keeps you warm, houses special occasions, is the scene of many a special memory, is the place where your kids grew up- it is basically the best friend you will ever have. I mean, it must be doing something right, it’s where you spending ALL your time, honestly now, how much time do you spend in your car (quiet London commuters, nobody is talking to you!). Admit it, your home has been lovely to you. But what does it get in return? Re-mortgaged so you can afford a new car!!

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Despite the bad press houses get, make no mistake- your home is your number one asset. Besides your job it is your biggest money maker. Any money you put into it is, nine times out of ten, recouped with interest- try lending your MG your last tenner- you won’t see it for dust!

So today we are going to redress the balance, we are going to look at the top ten ways you can pamper your home. Of course, we are not being completely altruistic here as both you and your bank balance will also feel the benefit of anything on the list that you decide to do, but hey, you know what they say- one good deed deserves another.

Ok, let’s get started:

Our bedding was made for you and your animal companions — here’s how!

Whether six or sixteen; boy or girl; the cabin or sleeper bed is a timeless and perfectly practical solution for effective organisation of your child’s room. The simple and versatile range of designs makes the cabin bed a great choice for the smallest or largest of spaces.

I love a little surprise & it doesn’t always have to come in the form of a gift. A little unexpected?pop of color or incorporating something that isn’t typical makes a room, an outfit or a table more interesting.?Orange is an expected fall color, but you don’t often find the?fruit?in fall decorations. This table setting was inspired by the?potpourri I made last fall. It was simple, all natural & the most beautiful color palette. In fact, it would make an incredible take home favor.