personalized graduation frames Terrazo Damson Friday's Fabulous Fabric funny cushion covers

 personalized graduation frames     |      2019-12-03

Jazzy and jolly beyond any measure of doubt, the strong geometric lines of Terrazo Damson, combined with the striking colour palettepersonalized graduation frames, create a stunningly bold, statement fabric which is an undeniable show stopper!

decorative pillow covers

The repeating, concentric diamonds create an effective kaleidoscope of colours which draw the eye to this cheerful but super stylish design. Do you dare to be as bright and bold as Terrazo???

I’m always looking for fun and unique ideas to decorate my sewing room. ?I love using things like cookie jar, decorative baskets, bento boxes for purposes other than what they were intended. A?cookie jar full of ric rac is ?pretty yummy too don’t you agree? ?Today I have a project for you that also uses a few items in unexpected ways to decorate your sewing space. ?I hope you like these DIY Sewing Room Decor ideas and don’t kill me for suggesting that you add a vinyl decal to your quilt rulers!

Crystal has long been heralded for its energy and mood boosting qualities and is a cornerstone material of many New Age healing practises. Luckily, you don’t have to believe in its mystical properties to feel its benefit as crystal also happens to be an extremely beautiful material with many ways it can be used around the home. Without a doubt it is a material worth considering if you are looking to add glamour and interesting texture to your home.

Happy Friday! (or should I say Fri YAY!!)…. Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite things that I spotted in the blogosphere this week!