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Greyis the beautiful mix of the black and white. It is not associated withhappiness but everyone has their own choices. Most often considered as dull anddreary. Grey can be utilised in innovative ways to create amazing interiorideas.

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Greyis a good option to decorate the bedroom. The bedroom is supposed to be one ofthe most comfortable rooms of the house and the colours that you use can reallyaffect the mood of the room. In this situation, don’t consider grey as the dullcolour, instead use it to mellow down the environment. Contrary to popularbeliefpersonalized graduation gifts, grey can be combined with other colours to bring out a good look.Moreover, any colour used against grey will naturally pop out.

Hereare 10 décor ideas to use grey in your bedroom:

Greyis definitely the product of black and white so combining it back to them is agood idea. The headboard is not solid white but gives a more a sandy and claylook. Grey takes centre stage with black and white popping out at occasions.The wall colour has been kept a bit shy of solid white matching the colour ofthe headboard. The carpet can be kept black but a solid grey colour would lookbetter.

Suggested: Medium Grey Duvet Cover with Mermaid Long Ruffles

Thisis a good choice for a girl’s bedroom. It doesn’t look childish but gives morecharacter and maturity to the room without eliminating the traditional pink.There is more white and grey in the room but the pink appears as splashes ofcolour in the room. The canopy and the grey bed hangings also bring out a femininetouch. The bedding itself has a frilled border.

Suggested: Stone Grey Ruffle Duvet Cover

Thewood that has been used in the bed frame is rustic and grey which is an elegantcombination. The cushions are white which act as a background to bring out thegrey. The grey used here is pretty light in shade. The rest of the décor in theroom can have different colours but don’t use an excessively dark shade. Keepthe light shade theme continuous and the idea works great. As far as the carpetis concerned, keep in in shades of grey as well as to not disturb the main greytheme.

Suggested: Stone Grey Duvet Cover with Mermaid Long Ruffles

Thisis a great décor idea for a minimalist. The bed is of reasonable size but theheadboard is not large. Moreover, the room has been designed using solid grey.A splash of colour is visible in the room because of the wooden side table. Thewalls have been kept white and bare to keep the minimalist theme consistent.

Suggested: Stone Grey Duvet Cover

Stripesnever go out of style and there are a thousand ways in which you can use themin your bedroom. Here the duvet has been selected in a stripe design. Thestripes are thin and grey standing out against a white background. Theheadboard is large and grey. The stripes theme has been kept continuous as youcan see the cane chair. The chair also adds a rustic splash of colour to theroom. The wall paint and décor have been kept white which brings out theheadboard’s shade of grey.

Suggested:Stone Grey and White Ticking Stripe Duvet Cover

Thislooks quite formal and organised. The entire décor has been intelligentlycombined in grey and black. There is no doubt that white brings out any colourbut here the black does give a boost to the grey shade used in the duvet andthe furniture. The walls have been kept white and the floor is kept bare. Itgives an executive and professional overall look.

Suggested:Stone Grey Button Duvet Cover

Inthis bedroom décor idea, grey stripes and white have been used. The stripes arenot even which shows how innovatively they can be used. The pillows are both Istriped and plain design. The plain ones enhance the beauty of the stripedones. The walls have been painted both grey and white. Both colours have beenalternated to keep the grey and white theme consistent.

Suggested: Natural Linen Ticking Striped Duvet Cover with Tie Closure

Itappears to be black at the first glance but it is actually a darker shade ofgrey. Both light and dark shades of grey have been used to create a mellowenvironment for the bedroom. Once again, stripes have been used intelligentlyby combining various widths. The wall behind the bed has also been kept grey.The headboard seems to be quite small which gives a more comfortable and relaxfeeling to the bedroom.

Suggested:Chambray Grey Button Duvet Cover

Thisis a very elegant décor choice. The wood is polished but matches perfectly withboth the light and dark shades of grey. The carpet is grey as well. The whole look appears to be very similar towhat we can expect from nature. The small green plant just adds more to thatlook. It is simple but elegant. This décor also looks quite organised.

Suggested:Chambray GREY Bed Sheet

Inthis bedroom décor idea, white has been eliminated to experience the look oflight pink against light grey. It gives a cool look with the pink popping outeasily. The bed seems to be of the platform variety. The lack of headboardcreates a casual look which makes this a good bedroom idea for a young schoolor college going person.

Greycan be used very innovatively to create a casual and comfortable look for thebedroom. It is easy going and can be combined with other light colours. Greybedroom ideas are a great choice for someone who likes casual environment butcan also create wonders for a person who enjoys more organisation in the room.Minimalist décor ideas can also use shades of grey. The best thing about usinggrey is that it can be combined easily with neutrals and vibrant colours aswell. Any colour used with grey makes it pop out which resembles as splashes ofpaint against a canvas.

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