personalized graduation gifts Be a Real Beach Beauty – The Luxury and Versatility of a Mandala Beach Blanket floral cushion covers

 personalized graduation gifts     |      2019-09-29

With each Mandala Beach Blanket, (Sanskrit) translated to circle, you get your own unique style. Each beautifully designed round beach blanket is made for those sultry days of relaxing in the sun. With unique and individual designs, with these beautiful round beach blankets you can rest assured that you won’t lose your spot on the beach. The versatility of this beautiful mandala beach blanket, means it’s not just going to be used in Summer or on your holiday. These round beach blankets can also be used as a picnic blanket, a table cloth for eating outside. They are also perfect for using as a Yoga or meditation mat.

There are many patterns to choose frompersonalized graduation gifts, that they are being used as wall art, and modern cool tapestries to give an Aztec feel to any room in your home. The perfect addition to your home and leisure time, the Mandala Beach Blanket, immediately give you a sense of relaxation, the patterns that are designed to help you meditate, your round beach blanket will never let you down.

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The Mandala beach towel is affectionately known as the roundie, to its many users. They are almost 100% polyester cotton, which makes them perfect for throwing in the wash and you could use them almost immediately. These fashionable round beach blankets have made them the must have summer item, but there are other benefits to owning these beautiful Mandala beach blankets. With their Boho and Hippy designs they make a great backdrop to your beach photos, either laying on the beach or wearing your Mandala Beach towel, to refresh your drink.

The Mandala Beach blanket really does promote relaxation and meditation. The translation to circle, has a deeper meaning and the Mandala Beach Blanket, represents wholeness, the sun, the sky and the sea, all the things that are viewed as a whole. The Mandala Beach Blanket, will bring your spirituality out, so you really enjoy time on the beach.

The pattern of the Mandala Beach Blanket means that you will never tire of looking at it, the choice of colours and traditional designs, makes this round beach blanket view different each time you look at it. Its bright colours attract light in many different ways, enhancing and picking out the oranges, pinks and blues, making this Mandala Beach blanket the most luxurious and the versatile beach blanket online. …

Hi, Friends! ?It’s been quite a while since I’ve been here. ?Thanksgiving was full of fun, but totally wore me out!!! ?I love to cook, but I felt it took me a whole day to recover! ?Today I’m excited to share a project that’s been in the works for a while – a DIY rolling cart for my kitchen.

It was coooooold here yesterday in Colorado.? The kind of cold that kept us in all day.? Until I remembered that we were out of milk and cereal and bread and yogurt and cheese and turkey and whole wheat crackers and bananas.? Haha, no biggee.? So I was off to the store at 4:30 p.m. and after opening the front door to head outside, I was shocked to see that the freezing temps had turned into an angry blizzard of snowflakes.? So we went back inside to add more layers to our bodies, which is when I realized I couldn’t find my little guy’s hat.? He has a hood on his coat but there’s something extra cozy about a nice snug hat to keep you warm and then placing a coat hood on top of that.? Layers are good. I’m sure his other hat will be found under a couch cushion or in the back of the shoe closet one of these days…….but I couldn’t go to bed last night until I made the little mister a new hat.

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