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 personalized graduation gifts     |      2020-01-18

Floral Monograms or DIY Flower Covered Letters are great for door and wall decor, or for wedding ideas. You can make them with real flowers for an event, or use artificial flowers for something longer lasting. They make great gifts because everyone loves their own monogram.

Enjoy this guest post by my friend Stephanie! You’;ll love her creative website.

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Hi everybody! I’;m visiting today from Crafting in the Rain and I’;m just showing off my latest project. It’;s a floral letter made from foam and once I get my craft space put together in our bedroom it will be one of my decorations there.?

The foam letter is really easy to make and of course, you can totally customize with the flowers and colors you like. You don’;t have to stick to a floral monogrampersonalized graduation gifts,?choosing any shape you want really, even just a simple wreath.?

I usually find inexpensive flowers at the Dollar store for this craft. Mix and match your favorites or even add some greens. That’;s the beauty of this DIY craft, you get to choose how you want it to look.?

Foam sheet?(mine was 1 3/16 inch thick) StyroCutter plus? Smooth Finish Paint?and?brush Artificial flowers

Start by tracing the letter you want onto the foam. I drew my “;S”; on a piece of paper first then cut it out to use as a guide.

Use the StyroCutter to cut the letter out of the foam. The metal end heats up and melts the foam, which is less messy than cutting foam with a blade.

Sand the letter edges lightly if desired and cover just the outside edge with Smooth Finish and let dry. Then paint any color. Or skip this step and just fill the sides with flowers too.?

When the paint is dry, cut the flowers so there’;s just a bit of stem left and push into the foam, covering the front of the letter completely. And that’;s it! It can be set up on a shelf, or even hung by just tapping a small nail or two into the wall, then press the back of the foam onto it.

I originally designed this simple tea towel apron as part of a kit I created for my little sister to help her practice basic sewing skills. It's easy enough for the most beginner sewer to do, and can be stitched by hand or with a machine in under an hour.

Y'all, we recently had some FUN (insert sarcasm) restoring our teak furniture (AND acacia furniture) and we learned a lot in the process. So this post is for all of you who have outdoor teak furniture that has seen better days. You absolutely can restore it to its former glory and it's NOT hard, but it is time-consuming. That said, it's well worth it and going forward, ours should really be simple to maintain.

Yvonne and Rebecca Drury co-founded their hand-drawn wallpaper and textile business ‘MissPrint’ in 2005, and really understand the impact colour and pattern can have on your home and your wellbeing. We spoke to the MissPrint team to get some advice about the use of decor in influencing our mood and promoting a more mindful, happy home.