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 personalized graduation gifts     |      2020-03-08

Between road-trips, carpools and a million errands, kids spend many hours of their life buckled up in the car. Our recent Summer road-trip inspired me to create a DIY Lap Tray that could work for crafts, activitiespersonalized graduation gifts, snacks and even a nap on-the-go. Now that I have one made for Clare, I want to make one for everyone, including myself!

Ready to learn how to make a DIY Travel Lap Tray? I think this one could be our next great go-to birthday gift!

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Gather ye supplies:

A cookie sheet. This 10″;x13″; worked well

1.5 yards fabric total (or 6 pieces 4″; taller and 4″; wider than the outer edge of the cookie sheet –; 2″; all around) I used Nursery Versery and The Birds &; The Bees.

Cotton Webbing (or your strap of choice) 1 yard.

1 –; 12″; zipper. I love these colorful metal zippers from Zip-It Zippers

1/2 yard medium-weight interfacing

2′; Sticky Back Velcro

Follow our zipper pocket tutorial, placing the zipper exactly centered on the fabric.

The pocket should be 1″; smaller than the front fabric all around.

Cut 2 –; 18″; lengths of cotton webbing. Seal the end either with glue or a serger.

Sew the ends to the right side of the pocket front, 6″; from side edges. Repeat on one of the pieces set aside for the pillow side.

Fold the bottom edge under 1/2″; and press. Repeat on the piece of fabric that will be the “;back”; of the pocket.

Align these two pieces right-side facing and sew around both sides and top, leaving the bottom edge open.

Place the other two pieces of fabric right-side-facing with the handle tucked inside and sew all the way around except for a large opening at the bottom, 8″; or so. This is your pillow side.

Cut two strips of Velcro to fit along the sides of the bottom of your cookie sheet. Remove the paper and stick the rough side to the bottom of your cookie sheet.

Peel off top paper of Velcro and position centered on the “;pillow.”;

Pull the “;pillow”; away, taking the Velcro along with it.

Sew the Velcro in place through the hole in the bottom of your pillow. If it’;s too tight, open up the hole a bit.

Find a curly-haired helper to stuff your pillow. If you can’;t find one, a straight-haired helper will work just as well. Don’;t pack it too much!

Sew the opening of the pillow closed. Your needle might be sticky from the Velcro and need replacing.

Tuck the edge of the pillow into the open bottom edge of the pocket. well.

Add reinforcing stitches to the top of the handles.

Now hit the road! You’;ve got crafts covered!

Style covered!

Naps covered.

Activities covered!

And snacks covered! Everything you need to keep them from going crazy if it’;s not already be too late…;

Elisabeth from Growing Home is back with another gorgeous DIY for us. A Rick-Rack Baby Blanket! This is an excellent beginner project, a thoughtful gift and a perfect way to display your favorite fabric in baby’s room. I think I need to make baby Vlad (not his real name) a robot blanket! And if you love this look, also take a peek at Jaime’s Rick-Rack Place Mat tutorial.

My Grandma wanted a dedicated bobbin winder. She liked the way one of her sewing machines wound them so I copied the setup it had. I made it with scraps I had lying around. Works pretty good.

Looking for easy and inexpensive ways to infuse a little holiday into your home? In the coming days, I’ll be pulling out the bins of holiday decor, but each year I love to mix it up a little. This year, I started in our yard. We needed to clear the flower beds of pinecones. Adalyn loved helping me collect them. We have such an abundance, I may even utilize them on our Christmas tree. First, I added them to my trifle dish. The ribbon is a remnant from last year’s gift giving. This piece adds a hint of holiday in a nook of our kitchen that is otherwise untouched.