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With the onset of monsoon, you welcome the lovely weather and green surroundings and some unwanted guests come home too. Yes, insects, rodents, lizards, and mosquitoes make an entry inside your home every monsoon. While you look forward to those pitter-patter raindrops, you keep looking for ways to keep the pest at bay. But before you think of that pest control as the way forwardpersonalized graduation gifts, how about adopting means of preventing these pests to come home. Isn’t prevention better than cure?

Most insects and pests enter the house from those little passages and gaps beneath the door. And the only way to fill those gaps is by using a door seal. Made of aluminium with nylon brushes they cover the gap and prevent even tiny insects and mites from entering your home. Enjoy the monsoon and keep the unwanted guests out with ease using the door seals.

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Sturdy and neat, you can fix them on the rear side and maintain your home with ease this monsoon. You can affix them easily on the door and have your home monsoon ready. Along with insects and rodents, it also takes care of those tiny dust particles. So, cleaning your home will be easy to-do with less dust entering inside.

Along with dust and insects, with door bottom seals you can insulate your room, as well. It doesn’t allow air to pass through. So, if you have that AC running to take care of humidity levels during the monsoon season, then door seals will help you maintain the room in that state for long. It keeps the cold air in and hot air out giving you just the humid-free ambience, during monsoons. And when it rains too much and brings down the temperature outside maintain your room warm with door seals. It can keep the room cool or warm for long, just as you desire.

So, when monsoon-proofing your home comes to mind, don’t forget the bottom door seal. It will come handy in keeping the pests, insects, dust and lizards at bay. And alongside, save heat loss and your electricity bill. Yes, venturing out during monsoon for shopping can be a task. Don’t worry, you can get the door seals on your doorstep. Get the perfect door seal for your home from You can browse for the right one at Coming in different colours we take care of the functional and decorative part. Moreover, you don’t need any technical knowledge to install a door seal. You just need to screw it to the bottom of the door and it’s done. The door seals at decowindow can be used on wooden, PVC and fabricated doors. In case you have a glass door, then use a double sided tape to stick it and if it is longer than the door length, you can cut it using a metal cutting blade. It is really that simple to fix that door seal on your door. It can also be used as a window seal. So, block the door and window passage, and bid adieu to rodents and insects, so you can have a Happy Monsoon Season.

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