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You love your pet and the wagging bundle of joy is the apple of your eye. Just like your kid, you don’t mind spending a good chunk of cash in keeping your pet happy but before head off for your next shopping spree, take a pause. Shopping for pets is not as simple as “walk in the store”, “purchase”, “get out” as it requires a bit of planning.

Let’s start with the basics. Most pet owners want the best for their pets but sometimes that means buying pet products that severely impact the environment. Why not make it a thing of the past? According to Mumbai based Veterinary Doctor Dr. Shrikant Joshi, buying eco-friendly products your pet is great choice and they are healthier for your dog or cat and also good for nature. “From plastic chew toyspersonalized graduation gifts, to chemical-laden grooming products, to the pounds of cat litter tossed out every year, how we care for our pets can have a foremost bearing on the environment”, he says.

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Also, when buying health care products for your pets, make sure you put safety first. Read the labels carefully and consult your vet before giving it to you pet. Just because it looks fancy and colourful, don’t assume that it’s safe for your pet. For example, talk to your vet before using flea or tick products especially if you buy them over the counter. This is particularly imperative for ageing or sick pets, puppies or kittens, pets that are on other medications or pets who are expecting or nursing.

It’s also equally important that you buy good quality products from a reputable store. Dr. Shrikant Joshi says, “These days there is pet store at every corner and even though it might look okay from outside, purchase from them only after you are sure that they sell top quality products. If you are not sure then consult your pet first and buy later”. ?Pets can be allergic to certain chemicals in shampoos and conditioner or even to the material the toys are made of. So to ensure that you aren’t putting cat or dog at a health risk, buy products of prime quality.

Tip: Every dog needs a leash, and each should be trained to walk on it. You may even want to keep multiple types of leashes around the house for multiple uses. For fun, you can coordinate your dog’s leash and collar to maximize style.

From dog grooming equipment’s, pet food, bed etc. there are plenty of items available these days for pets. But make sure you follow our buying tips for happy, wagging dog at all times.

I’m not writing today’s post to whine, complain & pout. Well, maybe just a little bit. Maybe you can relate? Of course most of you would read all about a?table &?really do your research before making a significant purchase. I’m not most of you. I’m a little schoolgirl who got all giddy inside finding a great deal on a beautiful piece after spending two months searching for the unattainable. I had a dream. The dream of a long antique wood table that would only look better with age & the wear of our family. A table that would seat our family, friends & their children – all at the same table. A piece with a history that would add character & charm to our home. After months of searching online & calling stalking antique stores, I found an unbelievably gorgeous 10′ table that made my heart skip a beat. It was just 24″ wide. Yeah, narrow.

Happy Monday!!! ?Did you know that tomorrow is Flag Day? ?Yes, it is! ?So this post is a timely one. ?Today I’m going to share a tutorial for this American Flag Wood Quilt Wall Art.

Recently, my wife and I were on vacation in Acadia National Park with our 2-month-old. We wanted a souvenir shirt for her, but of course a) there are no shirts that small for sale and b) she grows too fast to make it worth it. So I hit upon the idea of making a bib from a larger t-shirt.