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 personalized graduation gifts     |      2019-12-02

As seen in our spring TV advert, take a closer look at the themes in the homeofrealfamily,theUmehs.

Jade and HillaryUmeh live in North London with their two little boys, Elijah, 3personalized graduation gifts, and Ezra, 7months. We first met the Umehs in our Croyden store, and knew we had to take alook around their house and see what kind of home they’;d created with theirDunelm shopping.

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Jade and Hilary bothwork in media and have agreed on a strong colour palette throughout their home,but they have different ideas about how best to light their rooms!

The Umehs love to use bold colour in their home, favouring accessories in rich, warming shades to perk up their versatile neutral walls. They start simple and build up the colour with a vibrant mix of orange and yellow –; but never standard issue shades. It has to ochre or mustard, burnt orange or brick –; something with a little extra flair.

Comfy cushions areused to add a pop of colour to the neutral sofas, with lots of texture throw into make block colours a bit more interesting.

The same techniquehas been used in the bedroom by alternating paprika pillow cases with patternedbut neutral bedding to make the whole décor pop.

It’;s not just colourthat creates a stylish contrast with the neutral-toned walls. The distinctivemarkings of giraffes, leopards and tigers can be found on artwork and mugs,breaking up block colours and giving their home lots of character.

An eye-catchinggallery wall with family photos and prints happily coexists next to a fridgegallery filled with Elijah’;s own creations, further breaking up the stonecoloured walls and bringing more diversity to the colour scheme.

When it comes tofurniture the Umehs’; like clean modern designs with the occasional nod to retroin a simple, mid-century inspired sense. The colour palette is kept calm withneutral shades, with graphic patterns on neighbouring accessories.

With their youngfamily, comfort and togetherness is a priority for the Umehs. We love the waythey’;ve created a pocket of living room cosiness in their kitchen with a softfamily-sized sofa for everyone to sit together, storage cubes for the kids’;toys, and a coffee table so Jade and Hillary can rest their mugs and Elijah canpractise his drawing and dinosaur noises. This arrangement is great forencouraging family interaction when mum and dad have jobs to do!

“;I spend mostof my time turning off the big light and turning on the side light. I’;m allabout mood lighting.”; –; Jade Umeh

Like many of us, Jade isn’;t a fan of bright ceiling lighting as she like the more cosy and comforting look and feel you get from floor and table lamps. The glow of this ambient lighting adds to the invitingly warm colours to create a sunset style scheme.

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